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Austria Cricket Club WIEN 

Welcome to our homepage. Please have a look around and find out what

in Austria has to offer. We are a team that wishes to encourage this foreign games to the land of Mozart and "The Sound of Music". We try to encourage the Austrian youth to play a sport, that in this country, has no national heroes.

The aims of the club

Encouraging and expand the outlook of "Concordians" in this international games. Our members need to look outside the borders of Austria and this gives them the opportunity to appreciate the breadth of the games on the international stage.

Over the years we have built the games, from nothing here in Austria, and in doing so we have formed relations with our neighbors, which we wish to further develop in the future as the popularity of minor sport in Europe increases.

 The youth are of course the future in any sport and this is recognized as we are actively engaged their development to a good competitive standard and the ability to integrate into the large sporting international family.
Austrian cricket has developed from us...

we have given our blood to form other teams and expand the cricketing family. We have been present at a number of painful births (although in these cases not videoed), which haven't been pretty, as our team has grown and new teams have been formed from excessive numbers of members. From this we have seen the growth of, not only these teams, but also cricket as a whole in Austria.

Austria has profited from this expansion and it has given us the strength and motivation to look to the future, where we wish to encourage and experience even more development and competitiveness. Although, getting beaten by old team mates can be hard to take.


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